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THE JOHNSON TEAM:  Create and Maintain a safe place where team members have the freedom to be vulnerable, grow, fail, and dream big.  Develop the systems and culture that enables the team to live abundantly, allows our wildest dreams to become reality and drives them to help others realize the same.


  • Mexico Trip – Going or not?
  • Team member frustration regarding when the VA fee cannot be charged for the admin fee and we have to pay for the $500 for Covid too, it’s almost 1000 off our commission and this person would like to discuss that when the VA fee has to be removed that the Covid fee is waived.
  • Late arrivals and people not showing up for team events, and then leaving early/ barely putting any effort when the rest of the people are putting in 5 to 15 hours. There should be consequences or there should be really good rewards for the people that do put in all the effort.
  • Un-finished agent team caps & KW fees starting in November. Do TC’s add both or should there be a ‘max’ cap that gets taken out per deal?
  • Updates to team agreements and new signatures.

(REMINDER TO MYSELF) Don't rush decisions.

September 10th, 2020

  • Spouses on JT Talk Facebook Page – Vote – Unanimous Yes
    • Conclusion: We talked about how it could help improve culture because spouses are also a part of the team, which outweighed the potential downside below
    • We also discussed possible downsides, like people holding back on posting because there are people we don’t personally know on the page, as well as the possibility as someone not having the same sense of humor we do
    • We want to encourage spouses to interact with posts, etc. if they want to be part of the page so that they can feel part of the team 
  • Option to jump in & out of ISA Program – Vote – Unanimous – Yes
    • Conclusion: Agents will be allowed to have ISA cover lead shifts (if Dan approves).  Any lead converted from leads that come in from that shift or nurture leads that convert during that shift will go to the agent being covered, agent having ISA cover lead shift will not be part of the rotation.
    • We talked about how the option should be available if someone needs a shift covered; only after reaching out to the team first for coverage if you are not in the ISA program (Dan still needs to approve who lead shift is passed to)
      • If an ISA ends up taking your shift, you will get the ‘hot leads’ if you’re available, and nurture leads converted on ISA’s regular shifts will still go to the round-robin rotation
      • If a lead converts during the agent’s shift, it will be passed to that agent, but they will not be included in a future rotation unless the ISA program is part of their business plan
    • We talked about hesitations and the effect it could have on the round-robin of leads that get handed out.
      • This list will stay the same either way, only the people who are in the ISA program will consistently be a part of this rotation. If you want to be added to the list, you will need to be committed to the ISA program and have it a part of your business plan.
    • We also discussed the possibility of more people wanting to be part of the ISA program because of this option; the majority agreed this likely will not happen
    • Essentially, the option is there if needed but we want to make sure that we have a continuous amount of agents able & willing to cover shifts so we do not overload the ISA dept. 
  • Prep for team growth in 2021 (Breaking meetings up into smaller groups)
    • We talked about Jeff’s vision for this, and that it’s not a matter of if we do it but how we do it. We’ll be bringing new agents on in 2021 and we need some way to break the team into smaller groups to be able to encourage everyone to speak up. 
    • Ideally, 5-7 people work better unanimously rather than trying to please a large group of people. 
      • In smaller groups, your voices get heard and people will be more likely to speak up about AHA’s, concerns, best practices, etc. 
    • We discussed the possibility of extending meetings and breaking them down into time groupings. I.E:
      • Team numbers, team & individual wins, etc. from Jeff & Dan
      • ‘Breakouts’ into smaller groups that can be more interactive, discussing database & lead generation
      • And then coming together in the end and sharing the best ideas from breakouts 
    • We also discussed having these groups being broken down with SLC members as the leaders & that there will always be crossover in education, but agents need to lock down their one focus on how to grow and succeed in their business. 
    • Conclusion: Likely not breaking the team up into pods or smaller groups, only in the larger meetings (like database and lead conversion) we’d be breaking up into breakout groups after the first 20 min or so.

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  1. *Mandatory open houses on team listings
  2. *Drop or change commission splits by 5% 
  3. *How many open house signs do we put out…what do we do when agents lose signs?
  4. *Put a chart of events up that anybody is doing if they’re open to everyone coming
  5. *Listing presentation.
  6. Guarantees:  Home Sold in 90 Days or We’ll Pay Your Mortgate …..   90 Days or we’ll buy it…    ……    EM, Appraisal, Inspection…….   ….   Work of our proven vendors….  
  7. Agent retirement plan
  8. Revisit: Annual Royalty Cap for tenured agents – matching program, where agent puts X amount of $ away, company matches, gives back 1st quarter following year.

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These are all topics that were discussed and voted on Tenured Agents Annual Royalty Cap Lead Shift Time Change Finalized Values, Vision, Mission Team Meeting Structure (Vision, Sphere, Farm, Internet Leads)

Past Meeting Minutes

September 10th, 2020

Spouses on JT Talk Facebook Page - Vote - Unanimous YesConclusion: We talked about how it could help improve culture because spouses are also a part of the team, which outweighed the potential downside belowWe also discussed possible downsides, like people holding...


Are SLC members talking to their team members? We talked about accountability on this and the importance of making sure everyone’s voices are being heard, whether it be a new topic of discussion or concern for something. Our SLC members will now have...


Updates to team agreements and new signatures. (Tabled until next week) Guidelines to follow for posting on social media (Voted - Unanimously)  Avoid inflammatory posts or commejnts Avoid commenting/posting on controversial issues unless you are extremely tactful and...


-ISA/Speed to lead and how are they distributed Mike needs to be on leads within 30 seconds when he is on leads Whoever is on leveraged lead shift (or has Mike covering leads) will get nurture leads as well on those shifts Backups will be called if it's super urgent...


Monday morning meetings - do we still need them?  During COVID, there was definitely a need, however now with us being so busy, they are causing some anxiety.  Brought to Jeff's attention by multiple team members Roadblocks/THOUGHTS It's Monday Morning Maybe a Friday...


What consequences are there for not following team standards. This discussion came up because some team members were unsure of which of these rules would have actual consequenses and were wondering if consequences Why rules and consequences? Ensure that TJT Standards...


Covid-19 Regulations - What is allowed? Visual Inspecion with buyer and BA (AFTER GOING UC....NOT A SHOWING)-must happen after going UC Create a deadline for this.  Damien has wording for it. Dan will get your verbiage/clause. Inspection done by inspector (agent...


Monday Zoom Meeting Meeting open by 8:55 Mediator will know by Monday 8am Participants will know by 8:30am Video Mandatory? (YES....4 YES....1 Against) Concerns will people be less likely to call in at all, because they'd be doing something else When you're on video...

Feb 27th

Decided to Hold Award Ceremony even if awards aren't in yet  Awards will be:  Plaques – Each agent gets 2 plaques, once they've earned them....Values Plaque and GCI Plaque.  It goes on the wall in the office.  Each plaque has 10 spots for coins.  GCI Plaque – Each...

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