In attendance: Katie, Brian, Derek, Moira, Greg, Jeff, Dan

  1. Discussed allowing salaried staff to contract their services to other real estate teams, agents, etc.
    1. Concern was the potential perception that any problems were the result of sub-contracting
    2. Also wanting to allow salaried staff to build businesses
    3. Team members could keep TCs busy with administrative tasks for now on a temporary/contract/piecemeal basis
      1. VOTE TAKEN: 4 opposed, 1 abstain
  2. Values discussed/refined to one word each
    1. Humility
    2. Ownership
    3. Teamwork
    4. Positivity
    5. Integrity
  3. Vision: The Trusted Team of Choice for clients, community, and colleagues
  4. Mission: Exceed expectations every time. Give. Grow. Serve. Show Love. Improve Lives.
  5. Change in lead shifts: TLC voted that this is a management decision and does not require any further input than has already been obtained so far
    1. Lead shifts will end at 8:00 pm
      1. Morning lead shift agents can call leads that come in as they come in after 8:00 the night before.
      2. So long as each agent gets an even number of AM and PM, timing will not matter
  6. Monthly Team Meeting Structure (w/required attendees):
    1. Vision Meeting (all hands)
    2. Database Meeting (all agents)
    3. Farm Meeting (farmers)
    4. Lead Conversion (any agents receiving team leads)
      1. VOTE TAKEN: Unanimously passed
  7. Discussion of agent cap to potentially take effect 2020. Any funds earned by team in excess of team member cap would be returned to the team member in the first transactions of the following year. Specific numbers not yet determined and no vote taken. Discussion only.
    1. Need to determine a gate for conversion rates
  8. Discussion of allowing agents to set aside some portion of each check to be returned to them during the slow season (end of year) and matched by the company. Discussion only.
  9. Management agreed to increasing minimums on outgoing referral fees to $700 to the agent AND any amount received in excess of 25% on outgoing referrals will be paid to the agent at 100% split to agent