TCs would like Vision Meetings shifted off of Mondays – Vote

  • Should we shift them all to different date? (Talk to your SLC member)
    • Yes
  • Which days are best?
    • Wednesday’s at 9:30am – so long as they don’t interfere with KWP meetings

Team Hangouts Mandatory? – Vote

  • Not mandatory, but highly encouraged that everyone should come.
  • Timing changes each month

TCs able to fully work from home? – Vote

  • TC’s come in at least once a month at their own discretion, so long as it doesn’t interfere with any other meetings

Marketing in Farm Area

  •  Can you market for personal deals in the farm
    • No specific targeting the farm
    • No face-to-face marketing i.e. doorknocking, etc. 
  • Referrals that come in from out of town agents – Tabled
  • Buyer lead that needs to sell in the farm – Tabled

Change current 350/375 fee to straight $375 fee – Vote – YES

  •  $25 not optional
  • $50/transaction will go into the TJT Cares fund
  • Will start reaching out to our clients and target areas looking for people who need help.
  • Use the publicity to raise more money for TJT Cares through google ads and gain more clients.

Should Team Members have to attend one office training per month – Vote

  • Yes – Sign up sheet in office