Vision Meetings

-Will remain monthly on the second Wednesday, but moved to after the KWP office meeting. A new calendar invite has been sent out!

Open House Signs; How many do we put out, what do we do when agents lose them?

-Tabled until next meeting; We talked about how for the purpose of brand advertising and awareness, putting out at least 30, since most of the people having success around doing 30-70 signs out.  We realized it takes  a lot of time so we’re looking for a sign company that can do it for us

Can team cover staging on vacant listings?

-Revisiting at next TLC meeting – not enough TLC members to vote. Talked about where the money would come from if the team was to do that? Also was brought up that maybe the agent should be responsible for getting their clients to get staging if necessary.  Could also be something that is paid at closing if they don’t have the money to pay up front.

Can individuals post negative reviews about real estate related companies on social media? 

-Conclusion was that if someone wants to post a negative review on their social media about a real estate related company (like contractors, inspectors, cleaners, appraisers, lenders, title, painters, etc) they need to talk to at least 2 TLC members (take a minute to get the emotions out of it) before posting.  The idea would be to be extremely tactful and to do everything to resolve the problem without having to post negative reviews on social media, since posting negative comments on  related businesses could have lasting negative impacts.  It is NOT a team policy that you can’t post a negative review, but it was agreed on that you’d need to talk to 2 TLC members 1st to get their opinion.   We did not have an official vote yet since Brian and Christina were not present.