What consequences are there for not following team standards.

This discussion came up because some team members were unsure of which of these rules would have actual consequenses and were wondering if consequences

Why rules and consequences?
  • Ensure that TJT Standards of excellence are kept
  • Keeping Conversion Rates up to an acceptable standard
  • No single agent is doing or not doing things that could hurt the culture of the team
  • No single agent is doing or not doing something that will cause another team member to constantly cover their mistakes or make their job harder
Why do we need consistant rules with consistant consequences
  • People know what to expect and
  • People need to know what standard everyone is being held to
  • Need a fair standard across the board
  • People will do better when they know exactly what to expect
  • System that is replicatable and one that current leaders could implement as we grow


Not talking about adding rules….just consistency in how they’re administered and making sure it makes sense and people know what to expect.
  • Only consequence
    • Critical actions that are lead indicators
      • TP tasks
      • Starting Lead shifts on time
      • Leaving your home during a lead shift
      • Missed leads on lead shifts – leads left in the bucket
      • Not transfering phones for your lead shift
      • One on Ones
      • Door knocking
      • Past Client Followup
    • Culturally related Requirements
      • Team Meetings
      • Team Events
    • Affect the entire team
      • Video Reviews (working on figuring out a way to make TJT responsible for those, not individuals)
        • Drawings for large giftcards for clients that turn in video reviews
        • Do videos at a booth at team events
        • Monthly drawings done through monthly newsletter
      • Transactional mistakes that affect admin
        • Putting notes in TP
        • Copying your TC
        • Etc

What are the consequences for the points?
  • Lead Shifts ….. What if it’s someone not taking leads….Conversation with them…. then off the team.

Using a points system?

  • Wouldn’t automatically lose a lead shift for missing TP activities or not being at a team event, etc, however once you get a certain # of points youd lose a percentage of your lead shifts.
  • We’d need to figure out a good way to track the points.  It’d be on the Attendance tab or in place of the Attendance tab on the WIG



Decided that we should do a NON-Mandatory Friday Q&A with Michael 3pm and then Happy Hour on Zoom following