Regulations – What is allowed?

  • Visual Inspecion with buyer and BA (AFTER GOING UC….NOT A SHOWING)-must happen after going UC
    • Create a deadline for this.  Damien has wording for it. Dan will get your verbiage/clause.
  • Inspection done by inspector (agent not present if possible)
  • Appraisals
  • Final Walkthroughs
  • Closings
  • Scheduling Photos – VERY IMPORTANT – we may NOT advise photographers as to whether they are allowed to go out there or not.  They need to make that decision.

What is not allowed

  • In person showings of any kind (No virtual showings – agent cannot go video homes for buyers)
  • Buyers coming back in to measure
ISA Commission Splits – More detailed explanation on Zoom tomorrow

  • Leads will be divvied based on lead shift
  • 2 calendars in future – ISA gen’d leads and NON ISA gen’d leads
    • Everyone will start on an even playing field.  Eventually ISA leads will be divvied out based on how well agents are converting from handoff to close.  They will not be based on Non-ISA Conversions, like and Zillow on your lead shifts.
  • Agent converted leads vs ISA converted leads – Talked about if agents are as good or better than the ISA they will have the option of using him.  Maybe if you are one of the top 3 convertors you have the option of converting your own leads, but everyone else would need to use ISA (only talked about this…no decision made)
  • Facebook leads – any lead shifts the ISA cannot cover will be divvied out to people on backup, if you are taking a facebook lead you will be responsible for all the follow-up. If a lead hasn’t been contacted within 5 minutes feel free to take it and then you must start the followup plan and put it in Top Producer.
  • Derek’s concern – agents are now paying commission for marketing & ISA leads and he wants to make sure he’s actually getting leads, he does not want to pay extra money to not be getting leads
    • Derek felt that it was fare as long as everyone starts on the same playing field.  Ok with adjusting ISA-Converted leadflow based on how well individuals convert THAT type of lead.
  • What’s considered a ‘Converted lead’ – how far do we have Mike push the client? If they intend to buy or sell within the next year and they WANT to talk to an agent and a lender.  Talked about (no decision) if agent tries 3x to contact a lead after ISA passes, he can pass it back to the ISA.
  • If the lead doesn’t go UC within 9 months the ISA would not get paid their additional commission and agents commission would go up by 10%.  Ex.  If it was a buyer team lead (normally 50%) passed by the ISA, it would be 35% split to agent.  However, if they end up not going UC in 9 months agent would get 45% split.