Monday morning meetings – do we still need them?  During COVID, there was definitely a need, however now with us being so busy, they are causing some anxiety.  Brought to Jeff’s attention by multiple team members
  • Roadblocks/THOUGHTS
    It’s Monday Morning
    Maybe a Friday Happy Hour instead
    Friday Tailgate
    The gist is that we all said we want more cohesion. If we don’t keep doing this, then what are we going to do?
    CONCLUSION: Having Team Vote on it Marissa is sending out an email. 
Multiple offers on listings. 
  • Listing TC’s are struggling with these in CTMe.  The agents either need to document who the buyer’s agent is, or make all the offers not accepted inactive.  It only takes a few seconds but for the tc’s it can take a lot more time because they have to go into each offer to see if it was the one we accepted.  (Clear as mud?)
  • CONCLUSION: Add it to the form – Agent needs to add the last name of the other broker in multiple offer situations (Done)
How to approach potentially inappropriate social media postings 
    • Controversial or inflammatory (posts that knowingly will upset groups of people) can affect the entire team as a whole and should be avoided
    • It is NOT curbing anyone’s freedom, because nobody is forced to be on the team…we are all independent contractors
    • If someone decides to be a part of the team, they need to agree to voluntarily curb what they post for the interest of the team as a whole
    • Jeff, Derek & Dan should have authority to tell team members to pull social media posts down….then can be brought up to SLC if team member requests it and feels that it should not have to be pulled down.
    • For political/religious/other controversial matters ….. must be extremely NON-Confrontational and tactful or just don’t comment/post at all
    • If there is negative impact, letting this person go might be the only option.
    • Add something to the team agreement.
      CONCLUSION: Will finalize final solution on this next SLC, so talk to your SLC members
  • Took 30 day temporary vote (unanimously voted YES)
    -Avoid inflammatory posts or comments
    -Avoid commenting/posting on controversial issues unless you are extremely tactful and loving in the post
    -Dan, Derek and Jeff have authority to ask team member to pull down post. At team member’s request, SLC will review
    -In a nutshell….think before you post.
Should lead shifts be partially based on keeping TP updated and attendance?
    • Meetings are mandatory and part of being on the team.  Should NOT be penalized on lead shifts for this, but consistantly missing team meetings means you get on a 30/60/90 plan and if one can’t hit the goals for % of meetings attended they may be let go from the team
    • Top Producer activities are directly related to conversion rates and therefore SHOULD impact lead shifts, but NOT whether you get to stay on the team or not
    • (TP Activities) It is in the best long term interest of any agent to get the systems down, even if it’s not best for the short term gain
  • Behind ______ days in TP you lose a lead shift
    Miss ______% of meetings or are absent/tardee start a 30/60/90 to stay on the team
  • Jeff and Dan will come up with plan that represents above 2 lines and present next SLC
Listing Agent Qualifications (determining if the agent is eligible to take team listings) 
  • Current Process: 10 closings with the team, then shadow two agents on the team on their listings, then two of your own with a mentor
  • If it’s a seasoned agent ony have to work with 5 buyers before moving on to mentors/etc (but Dan, Stina, Derek will figure this out)
  • New Agent must be able to go through the entire transaction from start to finish with a TC and an agent and get it 100% correct before taking listings on your own
  • Dan, Stina & Derek & Terri will finalize this process
Peak Producers- does Jeff get invited every year? Do we want to consider joining and having one teammate join him from the SLC to represent with him? 
  • Puts us out in front of some big agents, a platform, volunteering, etc
  • Builds our reputation up in the real estate community
  • Jeff is all about it if he can bring a team member with 🙂
  • CONCLUSION: We can join in 2021 and we’ll bring an SLC member