-ISA/Speed to lead and how are they distributed

  • Mike needs to be on leads within 30 seconds when he is on leads
  • Whoever is on leveraged lead shift (or has Mike covering leads) will get nurture leads as well on those shifts
  • Backups will be called if it’s super urgent and agent on leads (or having their leads covered) can’t respon
  • Mike will use the list of leverage agents if nobody is on that lead shift

-Possible bonuses or bonus transaction extras-for each file a TC closes- like $25/ file June & July or something like that

  • Agents would pay directly from their checks (or just ad $25 to admin fee and it goes directly to the TCs.) Agents will put together a pool for June & July (coming from the agents)
  • Or if we hit 425 transactions we bonus them 2k each and if we hit 450 transactions give 4k bonus

Team Get Togethers – Kellee is back on it!!!!!


 -Client events- what will be doing to continue to be COVID conscious for client events and which ones will we still have? 

  • Virtual Comedy (July)
  • Bingo (July)
  • Scavenger Hunt (July)
  • Icecream Giveaway (August

Can we add a quick discussion about DAs on there? I had an issue I came across today that I think should be run by the SLC.

  • Moira will make sure all TCs are doing the DAs the same when there are agent referral fees. Dan and Derek will make a video of how to calculate it and create an order of higherarchy (like which things are taken off the top and in what order)

Giving back the COVID CAP

  • If we close 425 closings give back 1/8th cap back to agent or 1k if paid in full (Jeff’s flips count)
  • If we close 450 closings give back 1/2  Cap back to agent or 4k if paid in full
  • If we close 500 closings give full cap back to agents
  • If Caps were not paid back to agents in 2020 than….. in 2021 if at end of 2nd quarter we have closed 200 transactions, will refund the remainder.