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THE JOHNSON TEAM:  Create and Maintain a safe place where team members have the freedom to be vulnerable, grow, fail, and dream big.  Develop the systems and culture that enables the team to live abundantly, allows our wildest dreams to become reality and drives them to help others realize the same.


  • Mexico Trip – Going or not?
  • Team member frustration regarding when the VA fee cannot be charged for the admin fee and we have to pay for the $500 for Covid too, it’s almost 1000 off our commission and this person would like to discuss that when the VA fee has to be removed that the Covid fee is waived.
  • Late arrivals and people not showing up for team events, and then leaving early/ barely putting any effort when the rest of the people are putting in 5 to 15 hours. There should be consequences or there should be really good rewards for the people that do put in all the effort.
  • Un-finished agent team caps & KW fees starting in November. Do TC’s add both or should there be a ‘max’ cap that gets taken out per deal?
  • Updates to team agreements and new signatures.

(REMINDER TO MYSELF) Don't rush decisions.


  • Updates to team agreements and new signatures. (Tabled until next week)
  • Guidelines to follow for posting on social media (Voted – Unanimously) 
    • Avoid inflammatory posts or commejnts
    • Avoid commenting/posting on controversial issues unless you are extremely tactful and loving in the post
    • Dan, Derek, and Jeff have the authority to ask a team member to pull down the post. At team member’s request, SLC will review
    • In a nutshell….think before you post.
    • Please don’t put your SLC in a position where they need to make a difficult decision
  • Finish discussion of whether we discipline agents for things like not attending meetings & TP (Done by end of July)
    • Only have 2 day overdue TP activities (not one day…leave room for a mistake)
      • Dan is going to monitor this and report
    • Jeff and Dan will come up with point system
    • Completion by end of month
    • Figure out teer system for being on referral rotation and losing a lead shift
    • If you’re on the (0 overdue activies list) for a week, you maybe get 5 pts added
    • Give a certain # of excused absences with no loss of points
    • Excused absences lose less points than unexcused absences
  • Can I utilize the same system to create a referral rotation that can be referenced by anyone who needs to distribute an inbound referral on behalf of Jeff and is unsure who to give it to?   We’ll create the above point system and that rotation will be there  (Get this done by the end July)
  • Team Trips/Bonuses (Put it out to the team to see what we do instead for team building.  What should the incentive bonuses be)
    • Keep doing Mexico
    • Don’t use it as THE team building moment
    • Give agents the actual $ spend if they hit the goal
    • Plan another trip specifically aimed at team building
    • What else can we use to incentivisem
    • Do something quarterly as bonus/reward
  • Discussion about COVID split adjustment
    • $500 COVID instead split instead of 10% (all else the same)…. If agent wants to pay more than $500 they can. Clarify that the CAP is due even if it goes past 2020 (this had been decided in prior SLC meeting)

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Past Meeting Minutes

May 16th 2019

TLC Meeting Minutes 5/16/19 Jeff wanted the team to have a say in this. Discussion of how many months’ expenses we need in savings before Jeff can take additional dividends. Minimum of 3 decided. Dan and Jeff will meet to discuss budget and come back to TLC with...

April 25th Meeting Notes

TLC 4/25/19: In attendance- Katie, Brian, Derek, Moira, Greg, Jeff, Dan Discussion of goal to get to 9/10 or greater on team culture by end of year Need to define what our team culture is in writing Potential vision retreat to determine what is important to...

March 28th Meeting Notes

TLC Meeting 3/28/19 Attending: Dan, Moira, Jeff, Derek, Brian, Tami INTERDEPENDENCE: Discussed dependence/independence/interdependence on the team, and that interdependence is the team preference. Dependent would be just like it sounds.  You are completely...

March 14th Meeting Notes

TLC Meeting 3/14/19 Attending: Dan, Moira, Jeff, Derek, Eric, Brian, Tami PERSONAL TRANSACTION EXCEPTIONS: Discussed agent request for an exception to split for unique circumstances with PERSONAL lead that has closed multiple transactions. General agreement is that if...

Feb 28th Meeting Notes

TLC Meeting 2/28/19 Attending: Jeff, Derek, Dan, Eric, Tami, Moira, Brian WHITE PAGES: VOTED Yes to add White pages for the team at $240/year. Dan already did this and emailed out. PASSING SELLER LEADS: VOTED Yes: If an agent is not qualified to take a team listing,...

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