1. Lead shift times:  What should cutoff be.  8pm,9pm or 10pm
  2. Voted – 9:00pm; last hour between 8-9pm not required. Leads that come through between 8-9 are still pm shifts responsibility, anything after 9:00pm goes to am shift. (9pm-2pm am shift) (2pm-9pm pm shift)

    Prorating the # of transaction that are charged $750 for agents 1st year on team

  3. Total annual team dues will be divided by 12, then multiplied by # of months agent is on the team for first year & that amount will be individual team cap for the year

    Where should we hold these meetings?

  4. Voted – Servant Leadership Council meetings will be in the JT offices, all JT agents are welcome to join and listen in but NO talking unless you are on leadership counsel. 

    Getting Reviews from Sphere (10 by end of Sept) Thoughts?  Why we need it.

  5. Discussion Only- no conclusion. Will most likely create a plan in TP with e-mail template to send to clients asking for reviews, plan will also include texts, calls, and videos! Needed for SEO, to boost our website views and team visibility on a google search

    How are we handling new leads that will be coming into the team through new strategy

        • If the paying the marketing person is cheaper than Zillow, can we offer better splits.   Profitability….when will we be able to talk changing splits or having better splits, etc
        • What if “the leads aren’t as good?”  Lower conversion rates but cheaper leads…
        • When should we expect more leads to start coming in