Coming Soon for our listings: Should we keep doing it and then Temporarily Withdraw it during the Coming Soon period.

We talked about keeping it the same value proposition, nothing changes in the way agents explain the process tto clients the timeline is just shorter. Coming soon ads start on Wednesday morning, listing goes active on Thursday evening, and start showings on Saturday.

2020 Event Schedule

1. Feb Movie night – Saturday, February 22nd

2. Skate Night or Beer Garden – Saturday, April 18th

3. Summer BBQ at America the Beautiful – Saturday, June 6th

4. Blue Mountain Ice Cream – Saturday, August 15th

5. Fall Festival at John Venezia Park – Saturday, October 3rd

6. Santa Event at Pine Creek Golf Club – Saturday, December 5th

Briargate Specific 

1. Easter Egg Hunt at John Venezia Park Saturday, April 11th

2. Garage Sale – Saturday, June 20th

Can team cover staging on vacant listings?

Discussed Options:

-Team would cover staging consultation and let clients know what needs to be done, but actual cost of the stager would be covered by the seller

-Team would cover consultation costs, and then agent can cover actual staging costs & just get reimbursed with closing money or adjust commission percentage; give them the statistics/profits of selling a staged home vs. a non-staged home as a selling point to use staging services. 

We also discussed how it could potentially be offered as a value of using us to list, but it’s not in the budget for this year. We decided to re-visit the team fully covering staging costs towards the end of this year. 

Revisit Tenured Agent Cap Plan – What do we base it on?  At what conversion do/should we cut
leads? Profit sharing for high converting agents?

Discussed basing it on agent profitability and performance over a certain amount of time. We also discussed rewarding more sporadically or at each monthly vision meeting for high performance, hitting personal goals, showing great culture around the office, and highest number of reviews for the month.

The idea of a ‘savings’ system was also discussed; setting a percentage or designated amount aside from each transaction
and then JT will match a specific percentage based on levels; i.e. you close 5 transactions in a month JT will match 5 percent of what you’ve put aside from those, you close 10 and JT matched 10% so on & so on.

We also discussed the possibility of starting a profit share of team profits for high performing agents.

Accountability of agent errors on files

The issue on this is agents repeatedly making the same mistakes on transactions, more specifically missing signatures on exclusive right to buys. If it is consistently happening it needs to be brought to the agent’s attention to be fixed.

We discussed making this part of monthly vision meeting discussion. If you make zero mistakes for the month you get recognized, and a high rating on the WIG