SLC Committment

All SLC Members signed this.


  • I am committed to serving the team and:
    • Creating a safe place where team members have the freedom to be vulnerable, grow, fail, and dream big.
  • I am committed to:
    • Developing the systems and culture that enables the team to live abundantly, allows their wildest dreams to become reality, and drives them to help others realize the same.
  • I am committed to:
    • Putting the needs of the team and it’s members to at least the same importance level as my own needs
  • I am committed to:
    • Knowing and understanding what the team is doing and why so that I can answer questions the team may have
  • I am committed to:
    • Taking ownership of the decisions we make as a team and the complaints I hear from other agents. 
    • I recognize that ongoing complaining is toxic to the team culture. 
    • If there are continuing complaints I will practice extreme ownership by proactively encouraging members to add their grievences to the SLC Agenda.  If those complaints have already been address by SLC, I will explain the reason for the vote and emphasize that it was an SLC vote and that Dan and Jeff do not have a vote.  I will explain why the vote went the way it did and ask the team member to respect the process.
    • I will own the decisions the SLC makes even if I didn’t vote that way and will encourage team members to do the same.
  • I am committed to:
    • making it to every SLC & Team meeting unless I am out of town or there is an emergency and I have notified Jeff as early as possible.  (Attendance is taken at each team meeting)
  • I am committed to:
    • Talking to my constituents between meetings (2x/month) about all topics discussed in SLC
  • I am committed to :
    • working on my leadership skills through training and monthly 1 on 1 with Jeff

Agreed that we should move forward with TJT Advantage after update on progress.

Agreed that team get togethers will not be mandatory, but attendance will be taken.