1. Decided to Hold Award Ceremony even if awards aren’t in yet 
  2. Awards will be: 
  • Plaques – Each agent gets 2 plaques, once they’ve earned them….Values Plaque and GCI Plaque.  It goes on the wall in the office.  Each plaque has 10 spots for coins. 
    • GCI Plaque – Each agent gets a plaque after being on the team for at least 1 full year and 75k in GCI.    
      • Coins will be for GCI of 75k, 100k, 150k, 200k, 250k 
      • These will be given out annually at the awards ceremony 
    • Values – Each Agent will get a plaque once they’ve been on the team for a year and they’ve been nominated for a value coin 
      • Coins will be for Humility, Ownership, Teamwork, Positivity, Integrity, Growth, Grit    
      • Monthly the team (as part of the monthly survey) will be asked to nominate any agents for any of the value coins 
      • Team Members may vote any number of team members for any numbers of coins 
      • Team Members should only nominate or vote for team member who truly exemplifies that trait or traits.  Some team members may not get any, and some team members might get a coin for all of our values.  So it’s ok to vote all values for one team member and none for another if that’s the reality of the situation.  Goal is that it would be really tough, but not impossible for one person to get all the coins at one time. 
      • We can give out coins on the spot for someone who really steps out in some major way.  SLC would vote on the anonymous nomination to decide if it warrants a spot coin. 
      • Otherwise we’ll vote quarterly for each team member for which (if any) value coins they get to add to their plaque 
  • Trophies  
    • One large 3D glass trophy that stays in the office and a smaller trophy that the winner takes home.  Winner of the annual awards get their name added to the large team trophy in the office. 
      • Leadership 
      • Highest Conversion Rates 
      • Most Transactions 
      • Most Five Star Reviews 
      • Hit the ground running 
      • Took the Bull by the Horns 
    • Profit Drivers – Once a team member hits Profit Driver Status (3 years on the team – Certain Conversion Rate or in leadership) they get their Avatar (like Dan’s) put on the shelf in the office. 
      • In a nutshell….profit drivers will be agents that qualify for profit share from TJT Profits.  This will start in 2021 
  1. Should we hire an ISA? –  
    • Everyone agreed unanimously that we should look into hiring an ISA knowing it would be 15% less on the commission.   
    • ISA will get, on average, 10% + small base salary. (Pay structure is subject to change) 
  2. TC thermometer….every time they get a review above a certain amount, it goes up.  Once it hits a certain point they get a trip.  Really trying to figure out a way to recognize our TCs for the amazing job they do 
  3. Canceled SLC for March 26th.   Quantumn Leap is being held at the office that day. 
  4. Leadership Training  
  • 1hr/week or 2hrs between each SLC meeting 
  • -Reading the One Thing 1st   Done by end of March … 17 chapters….. 4 chapters per week …. Get the workbook. 
  • March 1st Ch 1-4 
  • March 8th Ch 5-8 
  • March 15th Ch 9-12 
  • March 22nd Ch 13-17 
  • -Next one would Developing The Leader Within You (has a workbook)