Monday Zoom Meeting

  • Meeting open by 8:55
  • Mediator will know by Monday 8am
  • Participants will know by 8:30am
  • Video Mandatory? (YES….4 YES….1 Against)
    • Concerns
      • will people be less likely to call in at all, because they’d be doing something else
      • When you’re on video you’re more likely to stay tuned in
      • When on video it’s more personable.
      • The majority agreed that Video should be mandatory.
  • Is randomly generated the best way?  (YES….Unanimous Vote)
    • First see who has something to talk about (moderator would ask)
    • Second, moderator would pick someone
    • Each person is checked off the list after they have a turn so everyone gets a turn
    • What day of the week? (Monday or Tuesday?)  Revisit in 8 weeks.   (MONDAY Unanimous Vote)
      • Monday is important because we’ll Zoom on Monday…team meetings on Wed and Beers on Friday
      • Monday meetings might make Mondays less rough because it becomes about people.  Reminds us why we do it.
    • SLC Come on 5 Minutes early (talked about)
    • What questions do we ask?   (Unanimous Vote)
      • Struggles?
      • Wins/Success
      • Learned/Proud Of
      • Something that happened in your home family that you’d like to share with your work family
    • We will stay on task…stay on track.

    Do meetings start exactly on time (YES….Unanious)

    Should people be able to Zoom into meetings

    • If you’re in town and it’s not excused it’s considered absent if you Zoom in (YES…Unanimous)
    • Excused Absence – have a category that shows it
    • Vacation Abesence – is N/A if planned in advance … up to management to decide

    Should Official Leadership be on SLC by default (NO …. Unanimous)

    • Leaders can come if there’s something important to bring up
    • They can lead by example by going to their SLC Member and utilizing them
    • Not scalable….as we grow it would be impossible to fit all official leaders into SLC