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THE JOHNSON TEAM:  Create and Maintain a safe place where team members have the freedom to be vulnerable, grow, fail, and dream big.  Develop the systems and culture that enables the team to live abundantly, allows our wildest dreams to become reality and drives them to help others realize the same.


  • Mexico Trip – Going or not?
  • Team member frustration regarding when the VA fee cannot be charged for the admin fee and we have to pay for the $500 for Covid too, it’s almost 1000 off our commission and this person would like to discuss that when the VA fee has to be removed that the Covid fee is waived.
  • Late arrivals and people not showing up for team events, and then leaving early/ barely putting any effort when the rest of the people are putting in 5 to 15 hours. There should be consequences or there should be really good rewards for the people that do put in all the effort.
  • Un-finished agent team caps & KW fees starting in November. Do TC’s add both or should there be a ‘max’ cap that gets taken out per deal?
  • Updates to team agreements and new signatures.

(REMINDER TO MYSELF) Don't rush decisions.


  • Are SLC members talking to their team members? 
    • We talked about accountability on this and the importance of making sure everyone’s voices are being heard, whether it be a new topic of discussion or concern for something. 
    • Our SLC members will now have reminders set for themselves to reach out to all their constituents the week leading up to meetings, this will ensure all current topics and concerns can be addressed 
    • SLC members will also reach out to their constituents after the meeting notes go out and clarify and questions & concerns
  • Team get-togethers
    • Talked briefly about adjusting the schedule so that the vision meeting, SLC meeting, and team get-together do not all fall in the same week.
    •  Team get-togethers will now be in the first week of the month 
    • Kellee & Marissa will be putting these together if you have any ideas for upcoming get-togethers please let them know!
  • Mega Camp: September 15th – 17th
    • Tickets for the virtual event are only $120 this year, you can register & get more info here
    • Leadership would love as many team members as possible to be there, this is potentially one of the only times we can have almost the entire team join for one of KW’s amazing educational events
    • If you do register, the key is to treat it like a true convention and keep your schedule clear during breakouts, keynote speeches, etc. 
    • Feel free to contact Jeff or Dan for any questions on prior mega camp experiences!

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Past Meeting Minutes

Feb 13th

SLC Committment All SLC Members signed this.   I am committed to serving the team and: Creating a safe place where team members have the freedom to be vulnerable, grow, fail, and dream big. I am committed to: Developing the systems and culture that enables the...

January 23rd

Profit Share - We started discussing a profit share plan for agents and admin. We voted that once you have been on the team for three years you qualify for the profit share, and your share amount is based on the following. Agents: Conversion rates, whether or not you...

January 8th

Coming Soon for our listings: Should we keep doing it and then Temporarily Withdraw it during the Coming Soon period. We talked about keeping it the same value proposition, nothing changes in the way agents explain the process tto clients the timeline is just shorter....

December 12

Vision Meetings -Will remain monthly on the second Wednesday, but moved to after the KWP office meeting. A new calendar invite has been sent out! Open House Signs; How many do we put out, what do we do when agents lose them? -Tabled until next meeting; We...

October 24th

Open Houses:  Should they be mandatory – Vote - Unanimous It is mandatory that you offer the opportunity to do an open house to the team, and if someone on the team is open & available then offer it to the client and allow that team member to hold it open. If a...

September 26th

TCs would like Vision Meetings shifted off of Mondays - Vote Should we shift them all to different date? (Talk to your SLC member) Yes Which days are best? Wednesday's at 9:30am - so long as they don't interfere with KWP meetings Team Hangouts Mandatory? - Vote Not...

Sept 12th

  Lead shift times:  What should cutoff be.  8pm,9pm or 10pm Voted - 9:00pm; last hour between 8-9pm not required. Leads that come through between 8-9 are still pm shifts responsibility, anything after 9:00pm goes to am shift. (9pm-2pm am shift) (2pm-9pm pm...


  Leveraging Dan Creating Leaders within the team that help and meet with agents Dan will send out email to self nominate for those lead agent positions. Working with Adano homes Offering $2500 per listing they send us.  They do all the work, we just put on MLS...

July 11, 2019

Discussion of mandatory open houses. How to make them happen on all team deals without forcing agents who are already established to do it, if possible.Will talk to team to see who is interested.Discussion of rewarding top third of agents in attendance to team...

June 26 2019

In attendance: Katie, Brian, Derek, Moira, Greg, Jeff, Dan Discussed allowing salaried staff to contract their services to other real estate teams, agents, etc.Concern was the potential perception that any problems were the result of sub-contractingAlso wanting to...

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